Sunday, January 1, 2012

FREE Steam ® Wallet Adder

Steam Wallet Hack
FREE Steam ® Wallet Adder 2012
  • Got no money to buy steam games?
  • You don't really want to pay for steam games?
  • You want to add money to your steam account?
We'll we're there to help you. We'll share all new steam hacking tools.
Note:  We'll never ask for your Steam Password.
This easy to use steam wallet hacker adds any amount of money to you steam account, allowing you to buy any game you want! and no password is needed!!just your user name.

Steam Wallet Hack

Let us know what you think of the program, Steam Money Adder, layout. We added the best security to it as mentioned earlier. You can add any amount you choose to your Steam Wallet with our program with just one click.

Steam Wallet Hack Instructions

  1. Like our Free Steam Games Hack, you need to input your steam username. Your account is completely safe as it doesn’t ask for your password. Our programs will never ask for your password. If you do download a program from elsewhere that asks for your password, you should change it right away and perform a virus scan.
  2. Select the currency your Steam account uses. Normally the currency is the currency type you use in your current country.
  3. Next change the amount to the amount you wish to add to your Steam Wallet. Note, you must enter it with 2 decimal places or it wouldn’t work properly. For example, if I wanted to added $95 to my account, I would input “95.00″ without quotations.
  4. Click “Add Funds” next and wait for the status messages and loading bar. The program will alert you when it is completed.
  5. Check your Steam Wallet after using Steam Money Hack to confirm it worked. Don’t worry the program already confirms if the money is added to your wallet at the last step, you don’t need to do it again. 

About Steam Wallet Hack offers automatic updates for their games. Their games update by themselves making sure that the players always have the latest versions of the games and saving the player from the hassle of looking for the updates. They also have special offers such as pre-release discounts where players buy the games at reduced prices before their release. This works great with Steam Money Hack, so it will show you have purchased the game for a discount. When using the Free Steam Games Hack, the game(s) just appears in your account. They also have offers where the players get to play a particular game for free for a whole weekend. Apart from offering their games on computers, they make it possible to download games on a Mac and also play against players on computers.

One can buy games from Steam as gifts for friends or their children. This is made very simple because all one has to do is indicate that they want the game they have bought to be a gift. This is done during checkout. One is also able to write a message that will accompany the gift. Steam then takes care of the rest of the details such as gift wrapping and delivery on the specific date. This service has made Steam very popular as compared to the other companies that sell online games. There is only one way to join Steam gaming and that is with free games with Steam Wallet Hack.

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