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Minecraft Premium Account Generator

Minecraft Premium Account Generator 2012 Download hereMinecraft Premium Generator

It isn’t what we call a generator at Freehackertool, but it seems to be the proper name based on what people are calling it. The program is more of a premium account converter. It seems wrong to call it an account creator since it doesn’t make the account for you, only converting the account to Premium.
In short, this program purchases a Premium code at no cost and converts your account for you. You can think of it as a Minecraft Gift Code Generator also.  We decided to not to show users the Premium code generated to prevent this method from being patched. Most of the functions in this program is handled through one of our servers. You can be sure you are safe from account closures, bans, or even IP-address bans.

Minecraft Premium Account Generator 2012 Download here

Minecraft Premium Account Generator 2012 Download here

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Download here Minecraft Premium Account Generator

After downloading Minecraft Premium Account Generator from above, follow the instructions below when you are using for the first time:
  1. After gaining authorization, log into the program. A program shown in the screenshot above will appear.
  2. The next step is to register a regular account on Minecraft website. The direct link to account creation can be found here.
  3. After registering an account, input the username into the text box.
  4. Next step is to convert the newly made account by clicking Convert. It can take anywhere from 1-3 minutes when converting the account depending on our server load. You will now be a Minecraft Premium user. You can generate unlimited amount of Minecraft Premium accounts.

Minecraft Accounts

Minecraft is one of the greatest games of all time. It is probably the first Java based game that gotten really popular. The core element of the game is creating and building. Players get to build 3D objects with the use of cubes which have been textured.

It also has various additional items and features. The basic game play draws a lot of inspiration from the older game, Infiniminer. The Beta version of the game is constantly undergoing changes and improvements. These changes are meant to make the game more enjoyable for the player. The popularity continues to grow patch after patch.  You can start playing Minecraft Beta with our premium account hack.

The game is all about construction. Players can move freely anywhere in the world. However, the various items and objects can only be put in some positions. The player is able to use the blocks and place them somewhere where they will create different constructions. There are options for single player and for multiple players.

The player is placed on a huge world at the beginning of the game. The player then walks across the mountains, caves, slopes and other terrain. In acquiring resources and crafting of various important items the game is played. The player is however, limited when it comes to the number of items he can carry at once because the game hasa limited inventory system. The game has daytime and nighttime both of which have different characteristics and events. The daytime is dangerous and the nighttime even more dangerous. The player has to make sure his health bar is not depleted due to the various attacks he may face. If attacks harm your health, you could get replenished by eating particular foods, etc. If the player dies, his inventory is dropped and he is taken back to the start.

Minecraft Tutorials


The basics

Part 01: Controls/Options

Part 02: How to Punch Trees

Part 03: Crafting Basics

Part 04: How to Use a Pick


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