Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Soul Crash Cheat Hack Tool V1.02

Soul Crash Cheat HackWelcome to our Soul Crash cheat and hacks tool. You can find the latest Soul Crash cheat, hacks, downloads, and updateds on this page.
Soul Crash is this hot new game on Facebook developed by Gaia Interactive. It’s a fighting game which, like modern fighting games nowadays, lets you dress up your characters with cute clothes and deadly weapons while delivering a somewhat Street Fighter feel.
The similarities end up there though: Soul Crash for the most part, only has 3 moves to select and has its mechanics automated, but at least you get to decide how to fight your fight. There’s also this tag team feature which lets you calls upon your team members to add a little more juice.

Soul Crash Cheat Hack

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Soul Crash Cheat tool Features :
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Soul Cubes

Soul Crash Cheat tool New Update :

  • Huge update with Soul Crash Cheat tool gain thousands of Enhance Stones, max enchanted weapons, Onyx and Gundam perma sets, instant levels, and more.
  • Character Stats Editor

Soul Crash Cheat Hack
Soul Crash is a new action role playing game published by Gaia online and developed by Playplus for Facebook. The game allows the players to create their avatar and set out on a journey to repair their soul. On the journey to repair their soul and regain their memory, players will have to battle countless number of opponents using different weapons and armor. Every time a player wins the battle they receive some coins, which can be used to buy armor as well as weapons. The game is very different from other action RPG games and thus its popularity is increasing day by day.
Some of the features of Soul crash can be bought only with real money so lots of users are looking for a working Soul crash hacks and cheats. Well, all those persons who are looking a perfect Soul crash hack, your search is finally over. We have created the best hack for soul crash, which is free from errors and is also compatible with all web browsers. Soul Crash hack 2013 is user friendly program with easy to use features, you can hack anything by simply pressing a button. The game works on energy and you lose energy points every time you battle with someone. Energy is regenerated by waiting or can also be bought from shop menu by paying cash. If you have our hack you will be able to generate unlimited energy points instantly. Coins and cash are two main currencies in soul crash which are required to buy weapons, clothes, armor etc. Coins can be earned by winning battles but cash can only be bought with real money.

Soul crash hack 2013 can also generate unlimited coins and cash for you and that too in minutes. With unlimited cash you can buy rare weapons, expensive VIP armor and you can also upgrade your weapons by buying enchant stones with lots of available cash. All the changes made by the hack are permanent and will be automatically saved to the game. Soul crash hack 2013 will only provide you with the best gaming experience and its features will make you limitless.

If you are using Soul crash hack 2013 then there is no need to be afraid of bans as it has an anti ban features which protects you from getting banned. The hack also has built in auto update feature, which always keeps your hack updated by automatically installing new available updates. If you like Soul crash then multiple your fun by installing Soul crash hack 2013.

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